FoodShare SC Implementation

We provide technical assistance and consultation to expand locations offering FoodShare Fresh Food Boxes, evaluate the program to understand if it’s associated with changes in produce consumption and food security among customers, and are working with a communications firm to develop a social marketing campaign to increase participation among people who receive SNAP.

FoodShare Fresh Food Boxes

  1. FoodShare produce boxes are available for purchase through hub organizations and partner sites in 18 counties.
  2. Boxes can be purchased with SNAP or cash and in some counties with a debit or credit card.
  3. Each box contains 9-11 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables and a recipe card.
  4. Most counties offer the produce box every other week.
  5. Some counties offer delivery for people who do not have reliable transportation.


In a pilot study of new FoodShare Spartanburg customers, we found that participation in the program was associated with:

  • increased food security
  • improved attitudes towards cooking
  • increased frequency of cooking at home
  • increased fruit and vegetable consumption
  • reduced number of days where poor health affected people’s lives

We are currently replicating this evaluation study in 5 additional counties.


For more information, visit FoodShare SC’s website here: Contact Beverly Wilson to learn more about the FoodShare program or Carrie Draper to learn more about the FoodShare evaluation and social marketing campaign.